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Italian Art, Collections, Digital Heritage

Flavia De Nicola, Early Moderna and Renaissance art historian

This is Flavia De Nicola, Italian art historian involved as Cultore della materia (honorary fellowship) in Early Modern Art History at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. I’m currently carrying out researches in the field of applied and decorative arts, furniture history in Baroque Rome and history of antiquities collecting in Renaissance and Early Modern Italy.

Interested in the curation of museum collections, in 2019-2020 I was involved as curatorial intern at the Department of 15th-16th centuries Art of the Vatican Museums and in 2012 had the opportunity to be selected and to attend the international museology seminar by the Ecole du Louvre: “Knowledge and circulation of museum collections : Inventory and documentation procedures” in Paris, Bordeaux, Versailles.

I’m also enhancing my experiences sharing Italian cultural heritage and art history through the new digital media, curating the art project Milestone Rome and the local travel portal ItineROME.